Oleksii Yanenko, Serhii Peregudov, Konstantin Shevchenko, Vasyl Kychak
2021 Bulletin of National Technical University of Ukraine Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Series Instrument Making  
The article describes the features of the amplitude and frequency modulation of the output signals of millimeter range generators for microwave therapy. A review of the appearance of possible biological and medical effects using modulated signals is carried out. The use of highly sensitive radar-type equipment made it possible to study the absorption capacity of a person in the mm-wave range from an external source. The authors's results of experimental studies are described, this are showed
more » ... t at some frequencies, an increased absorption of the power of the irradiating signal is recorded. These frequencies are referred to as "absorption resonances". The original schemes of monochromatic and noise signal generators developed by the authors are presented, and the principle of their operation is described. The article shows the possibility of generating low-intensity signals and ensuring the generator range operation using the second harmonic of the monochromatic signal and the selective properties of the EHF nodes. The technical parameters and characteristics of the developed devices are revealed. The application areas of the developed devices in practical medicine are out-lined. With the help of the control unit, a low-frequency signal as a saw-like or triangular voltage is generated and is supplied to the varactor converter. Under the influence of the modulation signal, the varactor capacitance changes, and, therefore, the frequency of the EHF generator. The operation of a combined radiation measurement system with a modulated noise-like output spectrum and the patient feedback is described. The article demonstrates the broad practical possibilities for using microprocessor technology for automation and control of the operation mode selection process, for the formation and change of the microwave signal modulation parameters. The conducted studies reveal the process of interaction of low-intensity microwave radiation with the human body and can be used in technologies of millimeter therapy. The article describes the service functions of the developed equipment, which contribute to its more effective use in microwave therapy technologies.
doi:10.20535/1970.61(1).2021.237107 fatcat:it5wqiy7lfgmlbrealwxckt6qe