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Science-recalling the most prominent, either cited and non-cited, and explaining the reasons for the approaches that have enjoyed the greatest success and have been implemented most swiftly online, besides the experimental (analytical) and explorative (epidemiological) reference models for pharmacotoxicology-including those for human clinical pharmacotoxicology-that have been developed thanks to newly available resources from Università Politecnica delle Marche and the Marche Region. The
more » ... provide an update on socially relevant outstanding issues in the field and stress the need for collecting all (global) protocols and all research data for the completion of the collaborative WHO database of adverse reactions and pharmacotoxicological effects, a global electronic network including not only the pre-marketing phases of current trials. The authors go on to highlight the critical unresolved deficiencies of the continuously updated (auto)classifications, which have been proposed and implemented for optimization in this field. They finally discuss some interpretive examples of the latest non-invasive methods for medical analysis and of the ongoing study of pre-cognitive decision-making or non-decision-making steps for the appropriate uses, as well as examples of the abuses of the current pharmaceutical medicalization.