CHANDRA/ACIS localizations and spectra of INTEGRAL/IBIS sources sample

Maria Teresa Fiocchi
2010 Proceedings of The Extreme sky: Sampling the Universe above 10 keV — PoS(extremesky2009)   unpublished
The IBIS imager on board INTEGRAL has localized so far 723 hard X-ray sources in the 17-100 keV energy band with a point source location accuracy of a few arcminutes. The cross-correlation between the IBIS sources and the Chandra/ACIS data archive resulted in a sample of 4 not yet identified objects with a possible counterpart. We present here the results of Chandra X-ray Observatory observations of these hard X-ray sources discovered by the INTEGRAL satellite, providing the sub-arcsecond
more » ... zations necessary to pinpoint the optical and/or infrared counterpart and measuring their soft X-ray energy spectrum. All these informations are mandatory to disentangle the nature of these high energy emitters.
doi:10.22323/1.096.0102 fatcat:f2bc36eetnaptifisfvcuasppe