High power diode pumped Yb3+:CaGdAlO4 laser

J. Boudeile, J. Didierjean, F. Balembois, F. Druon, P. Georges, J. Petit, P. Goldner, B. Viana
2008 Advanced Solid-State Photonics   unpublished
We study the performance of Yb 3+ :CaGdAlO 4 under 100 W diode pumping with a standard laser design. We also investigate the laser properties of Yb 3+ :CaGdAlO 4 for different doping in order to optimize the absorption and wavelength tunability.
doi:10.1364/assp.2008.we28 fatcat:oomldkn7zbcnbhhvglmggfnhhq