Ultrafiltration Method for Plasma Protein Binding Studies and Its Limitations

Camelia-Maria Toma, Silvia Imre, Camil-Eugen Vari, Daniela-Lucia Muntean, Amelia Tero-Vescan
2021 Processes  
Plasma protein binding plays a critical role in drug therapy, being a key part in the characterization of any compound. Among other methods, this process is largely studied by ultrafiltration based on its advantages. However, the method also has some limitations that could negatively influence the experimental results. The aim of this study was to underline key aspects regarding the limitations of the ultrafiltration method, and the potential ways to overcome them. The main limitations are
more » ... imitations are given by the non-specific binding of the substances, the effect of the volume ratio obtained, and the need of a rigorous control of the experimental conditions, especially pH and temperature. This review presents a variety of methods that can hypothetically reduce the limitations, and concludes that ultrafiltration remains a reliable method for the study of protein binding. However, the methodology of the study should be carefully chosen.
doi:10.3390/pr9020382 fatcat:dp6vxgvjtvcjznog75c53vv3f4