Web GIS for Home Care Services [thesis]

Ragnhild Angelsen
If I had known before coming to Redlands the challenges I would face this year, I would not have begun the program. Instead I would have stayed back home in Norway. Obstacles just kept popping up from unexpected places throughout the entire year. Dealing with these required so much of my energy and attention that on more than one occasion I just wanted to quit and leave. I am very thankful to those who always managed to make me see once again the value of finishing this program. A special
more » ... to my dad who was always available for a chat and helped me put things in perspective, my mom who always knows the right thing to say, my sisters for being who they are, and my grandma for always being happy when I called. My American family, Gordon and Cindy Mellis, made my stay here in Redlands great from the day I arrived. Thanks for taking me into your home during my first days here, and making sure I did not perish in the 108 degree heat. I have really enjoyed all the time we have spent together, and all our discussions on a variety of topics. Thanks for spending so many hours with me working on my English; this report would never have been finished on time without your help. Thank you! Thank you to my best friend Anita for having absolutely no interest in GIS, which forced me to talk about everything else but GIS on the phone. I appreciate all your good advice on life, and for being my personal 'lørdagsrådet' this year. Ayten, thanks for all your inputs on my chapters, and for giving me such an awesome trip to look forward to when I finished this program. Aslaug, you are my hero! Knowing all of your struggles this year, my MIP and schoolwork was a piece of cake by comparison. I have to say, even if I never doubted you would fight your way through all your pains, there were moments when it all looked so dark I almost lost hope. There is no one I will be happier to see when I come home than you! You ROCK! I would like to thank the entire MS GIS faculty and staff, especially Dr. Douglas Flewelling for being on my committee, and Dr. Mark Kumler for being my advisor. Mark, your poster and map critiques will always come to mind when I make maps or posters in the future. I would like to thank one person for asking me one simple question one day when I was struggling with my MIP: "Why you do it so difficult?" It made me accept that I did not have to strive for perfection, I only needed to do my best. Thank you Yasser! It made me finish on time. Pil, I will miss our late night Panda Express, eating spicy Italian at Subway, and endlessly conversing about random stuff. Cohort 20, I will truly miss each and every one of you! Thanks for making my year in America memorable. You are the best! vii
doi:10.26716/redlands/master/2012.3 fatcat:whpsc4tdqnb53e3tkkef7heohe