Separating the wheat from the chaff in Internet-mediated user feedback expectation-driven event monitoring

David M. Hilbert, David F. Redmiles
1999 ACM SIGGROUP Bulletin  
The Internet enables cheap, rapid, and large-scale distribution of software for evaluation purposes. It also presents hitherto unprecedented, and currently underutilized, opportunities for increasing user-developer communication in software development. For instance, the Internet can be used as a medium for collecting "direct" user feedback in the form of subjective user reports, as well as "indirect" feedback in the form of automatically-captured data about application and user behavior. Both
more » ... f these practices, however, face a number of challenges that can be summarized in the following statement: there is more feedback to be collected -ranging in quality from useful to useless -than there is time and resources to sift through and act upon the meaningful parts. This paper describes an Internet-based approach for capturing user feedback -both "direct" and "indirect" -that attempts to address this problem by focusing feedback collection based on the notion of "usage expectations" in the development process.
doi:10.1145/327556.327611 fatcat:arurydp56ffybinuknv2yho6hy