EMODnet MedSea CheckPoint Challenge 3 (Oil Platform Leaks) Report [report]

Simona Simoncelli, George Zodiatis, Nadia Pinardi
This document illustrates the EMODnet Oil Platform Leaks (OPL) Bulletin, which is the Targeted Product of Challenge 3. The EMODnet OPL Bulletin simulates the fate and transport of oil leaks from platforms. The oil movement from the platform is simulated for a week after the release and the bulletin can be updated at the customer's request. Possible impacts on the coasts are also considered. The EMODnet OPL Bulletin is issued every time a request arrives and is released within 24 hours of the
more » ... 24 hours of the alert using a pre-defined template. The customer (the EC and other users allowed by the EC) supplies the specific data through an online input data form.
doi:10.25423/cmcc/medsea_checkpoint_challenge3 fatcat:hphfgr5tlrekvjohqe2j6xvtau