Prototype quadrupole magnets for the PLS storage ring

Y.M. Koo, D.E. Kim, Y.G. Nah, H.S. Han, B.K. Kang, K.H. Park, J.R. Yoon, H.K. Lee, J.E. Milburn
Proceedings of International Conference on Particle Accelerators  
Two prol,ot,ype quadrupol~ iiiagnets for the 2.0 GeV PLS storage ring have been built. and their magnetic properties have been measured. The pro!,otype qua.drupoles have a Cshaped core geomet,ry t,o facilit.ate installation of the vacu-u111 chainl)ers aiid pIlot, hralu lines. Pole end chamfering exprriinrnts to reduce I2-polr and 20-pole errors, and core shimining expr'riniCnt,s t.0 coniI)cnsate the effects of t.he core asymmetry, Iiave been perfornied. Aft,er conipensat,ion, a.11 iiirilt.ipole
more » ... a.11 iiirilt.ipole error levels arc 1~s I,lia.n the tolerances set by the beam dynamics requirenlc,nls.
doi:10.1109/pac.1993.309464 fatcat:nnc242nkvrfj5irorlywlti3vm