Relationship Between Body Mass Index and VO2Max With Vertical Jump of Basketball Players

Ahmad Syafii Ade Putra, Mahmud Yunus, Saichudin, Slamet Raharjo
2020 Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Sports Sciences and Health 2019 (ICSSH 2019)   unpublished
Basketball is a game that is played by two teams and each player has five people, each team trying to score as many as possible into the basketball hoop. The combination of basketball is defense and attack, to play well the player must master the basic basketball techniques and skills. Basketball game is not far away with physical activity to measure the ability of the game. Physical activity is one of the factors that affect the Body Mass Index (BMI), VO2Max and the height of jumping players
more » ... f jumping players in basketball games so that when competing can maximize the ball and snap numbers. the purpose of this study was to determine the correlation or relationship between body mass index and VO2Max with the jump height of UKM basketball players. The Body Mass Index is a tool used to determine a person's level of health from the level of obesity. VO2Max is a cardiorespiratory fitness condition and the maximum ability to consume oxygen or to measure one's endurance in carrying out activities. The height of the jump is: a jump as high as the height when passing the bar with a certain height. The research method used is quantitative research methods. The design used is to use a dual paradigm correlation of two independent variables with the help of the SPSS computer program Version 25. Obtained a correlation value of 0.417 which is not significant between body mass index and jump height, a correlation value of 0.457 which is not significant between VO2Max and height of jump while correlation of body mass index and VO2Max with high jumps showed insignificant results with a correlation value of 0.554.
doi:10.2991/ahsr.k.201107.001 fatcat:hefthzanifdxvbpkd6ja6mmphe