Establishment and early growth ofAlepis flavidain relation toNothofagus solandribranch size

David A. Norton, Jenny J. Ladley
1998 New Zealand Journal of Botany  
Hand planted seeds of the mistleto e Alepis flavida establish much better on smal l Nothofagus solandri branches (<5 mm diameter : 48 .4% establishment after one year) than on larg e branches (20-30 mm : 6 .1%), whereas intermediat e sized branches have intermediate establishment rate s (10 mm : 21 .6%) . Wild 1-4-year-old Alepis flavida seedlings occurred on branches 0 .5-6 mm diameter (mean = 1 .9 mm) . There was no significant difference in original branch size between tagged mistletoe
more » ... ged mistletoe seedlings that died and those that lived, but Alepis flavida shoot extension was positively correlate d with host branch diameter increment. These data suggest the early establishment and survival o f Alepis flavida seedlings is strongly dependent on th e size and vigour of the branch on which the seed ha s been deposited .
doi:10.1080/0028825x.1998.9512562 fatcat:hxskate3gfhwtdgvhwszupmcwi