1911 Canadian Entomologist  
Alzdricus Yosemite, sp. nov. RenzaZe. -Head, thorax, scutellum and abdomen deep black. A n t e n n~ and legs dark pitchy brown. Head distinctly granulated. Antenna: IS-jointed, third joint a little longer than the fourth. Thorax distinctly rugulose. Parapsidal grooves fine and continuous. Anterior parallel lines smooth and shining, not extending to the middle of the thorax. Lateral grooves fine and only indistinctly visible. P l e~~r s rugulose. Scutellum rugulose like the thorax, with two
more » ... shining fovea a t the base; apex slightly curved, almost truncate. Abdomen smooth and shining. Wing hyaline, veins brown. Second cross-vein heavy and infuscated on each side. Radial area open. Cubitus continuous. Areolet large. Length, 3 mm. Gall.-On the twig of Quercus chrysolejidis, in A L I~U S~. Polythalamous. Irregularly rounded or almost globular, with a small nipple at the apex. I t is covered with many short spine-like projections. The surface is also somewhat wrinkled. Light yellowish brown, with some of the spines tipped with pink. Inside it is completely filled with a light brown porous or pulpy substance, and at the base at the place of attachment to the twig are a number of hard oval larval chambers close together, and imbedded in the soft part of the gall. Diameter about zo mm. Larval chamber 4 mm. long. Nnbiiat.-Foot of Yosemite Falls, alt. 4,000 feet, Sierra Nevada, California. (Alfred C. B~~rrill.) Described from five females cut from the gall. The species is allied t o A. singularis and A. Osten-Sackenii in sculpture of the head, thorax and scutellum.
doi:10.4039/ent43211-6 fatcat:gpxotzxpcbd7nerajz6yn4b4km