Reconfigurable Millimeter-Wave Components Based on Liquid Crystal Technology for Smart Applications

Ersin Polat, Henning Tesmer, Roland Reese, Matthias Nickel, Dongwei Wang, Peter Schumacher, Rolf Jakoby, Holger Maune
2020 Crystals  
This paper presents recent development of tunable microwave liquid crystal (LC) components in the lower millimeter wave (mmW) regime up to the W-band. With the utilization of increasing frequency, conventional metallic waveguide structures prove to be impractical for LC-based components. In particular, the integration of the electric bias network is extremely challenging. Therefore, dielectric waveguides are a promising alternative to conventional waveguides, since electrodes can be easily
more » ... rated in the open structure of dielectric waveguides. The numerous subcategories of dielectric waveguides offer a high degree of freedom in designing smart millimeter wave components such as tunable phase shifters, filters and steerable antennas. Recent research resulted in many different realizations, which are analyzed in this paper. The first demonstrators of phased array antennas with integrated LC-based phase shifters are reviewed and compared. In addition, beam steering with a single antenna type is shown. Furthermore, the possibility to realize tunable filters using LC-filled dielectric waveguides is demonstrated.
doi:10.3390/cryst10050346 fatcat:3ccbbwpvvbf3lokkl6lfykoh2m