The Contributions of Urban Agriculture in Alleviating Food Insecurity of Poor Urban Households: Evidence from Selected Kebles of Akaki-Kaliti Sub- City, Addis Ababa

Sophia Berhe
Urban agriculture has food security, economic, social and environmental impacts. The focus of this study was on food security of poor urban households. The purpose of this comparative study was to investigate the contributions of urban agriculture in alleviating urban household food insecurity in Akaki-Kaliti Sub-city. The study's target population is composed of both urban poor households engaging in urban agriculture and those who are not engaging in urban agriculture. The study sought to
more » ... study sought to investigate the relationship amongst the different dimensions of food security and the households' status in relation to engagement in urban agriculture along with their average daily income. Both quantitative and qualitative methodologies were employed in the study whereby structured questionnaires were prepared for the survey of randomly selected 100 urban poor households with similar socio-economic status. Discussions were also made with the purposively selected key informants and urban agriculture stakeholders in Akaki- Kaliti sub-City. Data analyses were made by using 'IBM SPSS Statistics 20'. Data results were interpreted. The result of the study revealed that one in two of the households sampled from both low incomes unemployed owners engage in at least one form of farming. The result also indicated that households who engage in farming have earned food and cash income; this has contributed both in improving household food security by improving food availability (50%) and nutrition, measured by proxy, of variety of food intake at household level (50%). The study concludes with the policy advice that government support to poor households should include interventions that can improve the variety and productivity of farms at household levels. The stakeholders that involve in urban agriculture and waste management should integrate their support towards improving the productivity of urban agriculture at household and community levels. These together are assumed to improve both the productivity and variety of farming as well [...]
doi:10.20372/nadre/16348 fatcat:aizpv7i4wbhjrnjgjv66lautlu