Soft-grain compression: Beyond the jamming point

Thi-Lo Vu, Jonathan Barés
2019 Physical review. E  
We present the experimental studies of highly strained soft bidisperse granular systems made of hyperelastic and plastic particles. We explore the behavior of granular matter deep in the jammed state from local field measurement from the grain scale to the global scale. By means of a dedicated digital image correlation code and an accurate image recording method, we measure for each compression step the evolution of the particle geometries and their right Cauchy-Green strain tensor fields. We
more » ... alyze the evolution of the usual macroscopic observables (stress, packing fraction, coordination, fraction of nonrattlers, etc.) along the compression process through the jamming point and far beyond. Analyzing the evolution of the local strain statistics, we evidence a crossover in the material behavior deep in the jammed state for both sorts of particles. We show that this crossover is due to a competition between material compression, dilation, and shear, so its position depends on the particle material. We argue that the strain field is a reliable observable to describe the evolution of a granular system through the jamming transition and deep in the dense packing state whatever the material behavior.
doi:10.1103/physreve.100.042907 fatcat:nsfqc272ivbl7mxv7tte775yqq