Monoclonal Antibody Production against Human Spermatozoal Surface Antigens

M Jedi-Tehrani, F Shokri, A Dizeji, MR Sadeghi, R Ghods, M Heidari, AA Bayat, E Tork-Abadi, MM Akhoundi
2005 Majallah-i Dānishgāh-i 'Ulūm-i Pizishkī-i Shahīd Ṣadūqī Yazd  
As monoclonal antibodies are potential tools for characterization of soluble or cellular surface antigens, use of these proteins has always been considered in infertility and reproduction research. Therefore, in this study, monoclonal antibodies against human sperm surface antigens were produced. Material and Methods: To produce specific clones against human sperm surface antigens, proteins were extracted using solubilization methods. Balb/c mice were immunized intraperitoneally with the
more » ... lly with the proteins using complete Freund's adjuvant in the first injection and incomplete Adjuvant in the following booster injections. Hybridoma cells producing ASA were cloned by limiting dilution. Results: Five stable ASA producing hybridoma clones were achieved and their antibody isotypes were determined by ELISA. All the isotypes were of IgG class. Their cross reactivity with rat and mice spermatozoa was examined but they did not have any cross reactivity. Conclusion: The produced antibodies can be used in further studies to characterize and evaluate each of the antigens present on human sperm surface and determining their role in fertilization.
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