Drivetrain load effects in a 5-MW bottom-fixed wind turbine under blade-pitch fault condition and emergency shutdown

Amir Rasekhi Nejad, Zhiyu Jiang, Zhen Gao, Torgeir Moan
2016 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
Please note that terms and conditions apply. You may also be interested in: Real-time simulation of aeroelastic rotor loads for horizontal axis wind turbines M Marnett, S Wellenberg and W Schröder A miracle happening to a laser beam in a soap film Abstract. In this paper, the effect of the blade-pitch fault and emergency shutdown on drivetrain responses in a 5-MW bottom-fixed wind turbine are investigated. A 5-MW reference gearbox with 4-point support is employed and the decoupled analysis
more » ... ach is used for the load effect analysis. The effect of this fault event is then investigated for all bearings and gears inside the gearbox as well as main bearings. The results show that the blade-pitch fault creates significant axial forces on main bearings which increases the nontorque force entering the gearbox. Due to the emergency shutdown, the rotor torque reversal occurs which causes force reversals in gears. The main bearings are more affected than gears and bearings inside the gearbox in this fault condition and emergency shutdown, but first-stage bearings may also be considerably affected. It is therefore recommended to conduct a thorough inspection of main bearings and first stage bearings in case of such blade-pitch fault condition and emergency shutdown.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/753/11/112011 fatcat:iourvpdri5d7jot6zamqvbzr4a