Generalized Fermi Derivative on the Hypersurfaces

Ayşenur UÇAR, Fatma KARAKUŞ
2022 MANAS : Journal of Engineering  
In this paper, generalized Fermi derivative, generalized Fermi parallelism, and generalized non-rotating frame concepts are given along any curve on any hypersurface in Eⁿ⁺¹ Euclidean space. The generalized Fermi derivative of a vector field and being generalized non-rotating conditions are analyzed along the curve on the surface in Euclidean 3-space. Then a correlation is found between generalized Fermi derivative, Fermi derivative, and Levi-Civita derivative in E³. Then we examine generalized
more » ... Fermi parallel vector fields and conditions of being generalized non-rotating frame with the tensor field in E⁴. Generalizations have been made in Eⁿ.
doi:10.51354/mjen.937100 fatcat:2mycevn7c5hgpmjem7ohttkzzm