A Study on Immersive Interaction Between HMD User and Non-HMD User for Presence of Asymmetric Virtual Reality

2018 Journal of the Korea Computer Graphics Society  
This study proposes an immersive interaction optimized for the user's experience environment to provide an improved presence for both HMD and Non-HMD users in the asymmetric virtual reality (VR) environment. The core of the proposed immersive interaction is to distinguish the differences of the asymmetric environment between the HMD and Non-HMD users and present the optimized interaction to the user. And, in order to increase the presence by providing improved immersion in the asymmetric
more » ... e asymmetric virtual reality environment given to each user, we design the walking interaction to improve the immersion of space for the HMD users, a hand-based interface that improves immersion by fully understanding and managing the situation through direct control. Finally, through the experiment using questionnaire, it is verified that the immersive interaction provides all users with an enhanced presence and specialized experience in each environment experience. Through these processes, we confirmed that the Non-HMD user can be immersed in an asymmetric virtual reality using by proposed interaction as participant rather than assistant with HMD user.
doi:10.15701/kcgs.2018.24.3.1 fatcat:7o6dvcx7zrd2rimkfrw2bb2lii