Development and application of animal behavior analysis system using video images

2022 Translational and Regulatory Sciences  
There is an urgent need for the development of therapeutic drugs for central nervous system (CNS) diseases, such as depression, dementia, and pain. Behavioral analysis of animal disease models is indispensable for the pathological investigation and drug evaluation of these diseases. However, we do not know whether laboratory animals, such as mice and rats, represent depression, anxiety, and congenital disorders similar to humans. In addition, we do not know how to evaluate their detailed
more » ... ions. In the evaluation of various disease models, including CNS diseases, the reproducibility and objectivity of animal experiments and their extrapolation to human beings is always an issue. To address these questions and issues, we need to establish a new evaluation system for experimental animals. In the last decade, the development of technologies for image acquisition and analysis has advanced dramatically, accompanied by an increase in computer processing speed. Various technologies have been developed to analyze human behavior and emotions. These technologies can also be applied to the analysis of animal behavior and emotions. We developed a system to assess the behavior of laboratory animals using video analysis technologies and artificial intelligence. In this review, we introduce technologies that enable the identification of body feature points and behavior and individuals of mice and rats in their home cages. In addition, we discuss the possibility of developing and applying new technologies that will lead to breakthroughs in new drug development.
doi:10.33611/trs.2022-002 fatcat:4lmryv5pabbhviwcal5zsaqcpe