On molecular topological properties of benzenoid structures

Shehnaz Akhter, Muhammad Imran
2016 Canadian journal of chemistry (Print)  
The degree-based topological indices correlate certain physico-chemical properties such as boiling point, strain energy and the stability etc. of certain chemical compounds. Among the major classes of topological indices are the distance based topological indices, the degree-based topological indices and counting related polynomials and corresponding indices of graphs. Among all the degree based indices, namely first general Zagreb index, general Rndić connectivity index, general
more » ... y index, atom-bond connectivity index (ABC) and geometric-arithmetic index (GA) are most important due to their chemical significance. In this paper, we compute the first general Zagreb index, general Randić connectivity index, general sum-connectivity index, ABC, GA, ABC4 and GA5 indices of hexagonal parallelogram P (m, n) nanotube, triangular benzenoid Gn and zigzag-edge coronoid fused with starphene ZCS(k, l, m) nanotubes by using the line graphs of subdivision of these chemical graphs.
doi:10.1139/cjc-2016-0032 fatcat:2rfxcy7o3nfqxedgxi5tsiwk6i