Study on Wire Cutting Machining Techniques in Removing Allowance of Blisk Tunnel

Xiaojun LIN
2019 Journal of Mechanical Engineering  
Abstract:Machining allowance for a blisk is mainly removed in the rough milling, so selecting the appropriate machining method to remove the allowance of blisk tunnel in the rough milling is key to reducing the tunnel cutting costs and making the blisk machining economically. As the wire cut electrical discharge machining machine processing unit cost is low, wire cutting is used to remove the allowance of tunnel. The processing boundary of tunnel is determined by the offset surface of blade and
more » ... urface of blade and hub of blisk.The optimal vector is determined by comparing the size of the projected area after the projection of the boundary of the tunnel. Then, the cutting area and the angle between the line cutting wire and the end face of the blisk are determined according to the optimal vector, and the cutting area is maximized. This method can effectively solve the economic problems of blisk in the rough milling. The demonstration shows that the wire cutting can be applied to remove the allowance of blisk, and compared with the traditional CNC milling, the processing cost of a single channel is only one-twentieth of the cost of CNC milling.
doi:10.3901/jme.2019.02.027 fatcat:t7wr2bmgqfdv3cztyu3dejzbri