Connectedness of the Free Uniform Spanning Forest as a function of edge weights

Marcell Alexy, Márton Borbényi, András Imolay, Ádám Timár
2022 Electronic Communications in Probability  
Let G be the Cartesian product of a regular tree T and a finite connected transitive graph H. It is shown in [4] that the Free Uniform Spanning Forest (FSF) of this graph may not be connected, but the dependence of this connectedness on H remains somewhat mysterious. We study the case when a positive weight w is put on the edges of the H-copies in G, and conjecture that the connectedness of the FSF exhibits a phase transition. For large enough w we show that the FSF is connected, while for a
more » ... e family of H and T , the FSF is disconnected when w is small (relying on [4] ). Finally, we prove that when H is the graph of one edge, then for any w, the FSF is a single tree, and we give an explicit formula for the distribution of the distance between two points within the tree.
doi:10.1214/22-ecp453 fatcat:kxidgiyb7nhefgte3gwh4ieb3m