String defects, supersymmetry and the Swampland

Carlo Angelantonj, Quentin Bonnefoy, Cezar Condeescu, Emilian Dudas
2020 Journal of High Energy Physics  
Recently, Kim, Shiu and Vafa proposed general consistency conditions for six dimensional supergravity theories with minimal supersymmetry coming from couplings to strings. We test them in explicit perturbative orientifold models in order to unravel the microscopic origin of these constraints. Based on the perturbative data, we conjecture the existence of null charges Q∙Q = 0 for any six-dimensional theory with at least one tensor multiplet, coupling to string defects of charge Q. We then
more » ... e Q. We then include the new constraint to exclude some six-dimensional supersymmetric anomaly-free examples that have currently no string or F-theory realization. We also investigate the constraints from the couplings to string defects in case where supersymmetry is broken in tachyon free vacua, containing non-BPS configurations of brane supersymmetry breaking type, where the breaking is localized on antibranes. In this case, some conditions have naturally to be changed or relaxed whenever the string defects experience supersymmetry breaking, whereas the constraints are still valid if they are geometrically separated from the supersymmetry breaking source.
doi:10.1007/jhep11(2020)125 fatcat:obzlsogaabhfni2sxojejgbqvy