Produção de textos na sala de aula e emancipação docente: a investigação de uma professora-pesquisadora [thesis]

Maristela Silva de Freitas
This thesis deals with an investigation of the pedagogical practice itself. It deals with school texts, but also with an initiative that aims at teacher emancipation, through the reflection of practices developed in the classroom itself. Data collection began in 2017, in a 3rd year class of Elementary School, and lasted until 2019, when students completed the first cycle of Elementary I. We took as corpus twenty-two written productions by two students who, at the time of data collection, they
more » ... re studying at a municipal public school located in the community of Paraisópolis. Based on research on the school text produced by researchers and teacher-researchers, we proposed to analyze the texts of these children in order to understand the advances and setbacks in the writing path. Through the commitment to overcome the thin dividing line (CALKINS, 2002) between research and teaching, we found that, from the observations of marks in the child's text, it is possible to infer concerns about the exercise of writing; although in the literacy process, we found that children are already able to retroact on the text itself, making choices that manifest their involvement with writing. We also observed that, although they are conceived as constructivist activities, the writing surveys -which also make up the corpus of this thesishave stifled the teaching work, leading the teacher to predictable reflections that does not contribute to the learning of writing. In other words, it is a thesis that invites the reader to assume the courage of the crimes of writing (BARZOTTO, 2011) , provoking him to assume the commitment to produce difference through the investigation of the practice itself.
doi:10.11606/t.48.2022.tde-15082022-091832 fatcat:4bgrs25r7radffxtrva7caclwi