Acknowledgments [chapter]

2020 Dance for Me When I Die  
Acknowledgments It would have been impossible for me to finish this book without the conversations I had with my friends, without their infinite generosity in allowing me, many a time, to go on and on about everything I couldn't quite see and understand. I am grateful for the patience of Lucas Mac Ragendorfer. To Flavio Rapidardi. To my colleagues at Página/12, where I began to write this story. To my colleagues at Asociación Miguel Bru, for forgiving so many absences while I was working on it.
more » ... was working on it. To María del Carmen Verdú, who once told me that young thieves had a saint. To the lawyer Andrea Sajnovsky and everyone who dared to speak out during the investigation into the Death Squad. Also Maximiliano Barañao for his sweet company. For the hospitality of his family during the time I spent in Concepción de Uruguay. To the refuge offered by the Carey family in Brazil. Thank you for having been with me in the slum, Alfredo Santiago Srur; and thank you for getting me out that night in the wee hours. I am also grateful to Marina Enríquez, María Moreno, Silvia Delfino, and Claudio Zeiger. Each of their readings also helped create this account.
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