Optimisation of the event-based TOF filtered back-projection for online imaging in total-body J-PET

R.Y. Shopa, K. Klimaszewski, P. Kopka, P. Kowalski, W. Krzemień, L. Raczyński, W. Wiślicki, N. Chug, C. Curceanu, E. Czerwiński, M. Dadgar, K. Dulski (+15 others)
2021 Medical Image Analysis  
We perform a parametric study of the newly developed time-of-flight (TOF) image reconstruction algorithm, proposed for the real-time imaging in total-body Jagiellonian PET (J-PET) scanners. The asymmetric 3D filtering kernel is applied at each most likely position of electron-positron annihilation, estimated from the emissions of back-to-back γ-photons. The optimisation of its parameters is studied using Monte Carlo simulations of a 1-mm spherical source, NEMA IEC and XCAT phantoms inside the
more » ... eal J-PET scanner. The combination of high-pass filters which included the TOF filtered back-projection (FBP), resulted in spatial resolution, 1.5 times higher in the axial direction than for the conventional 3D FBP. For realistic 10-minute scans of NEMA IEC and XCAT, which require a trade-off between the noise and spatial resolution, the need for Gaussian TOF kernel components, coupled with median post-filtering, is demonstrated. The best sets of 3D filter parameters were obtained by the Nelder-Mead minimisation of the mean squared error between the resulting and reference images. The approach allows training the reconstruction algorithm for custom scans, using the IEC phantom, when the temporal resolution is below 50 ps. The image quality parameters, estimated for the best outcomes, were systematically better than for the non-TOF FBP.
doi:10.1016/j.media.2021.102199 pmid:34365143 fatcat:a6m3cfiddff55fr5bh54j6zy4i