Stabilization of Algerian Clayey Soils with Natural Pozzolana and Lime

Khelifa Harichane, Mohamed Ghrici, Said Kenai
2017 Periodica polytechnica. Civil engineering  
Cohesive soils with a high plasticity index present difficulties in construction operations because they usually contain expansive clay minerals. However, the engineering properties of soils can be improved by different techniques. The aim of this paper is to study the effect of using lime, natural pozzolana or a combination of both lime and natural pozzolana on plasticity, compaction and shear strength of two clayey soils classified as CH and CL according to the unified soil classification
more » ... classification system (USCS). The obtained results indicated that for CH class clay soil, the plasticity index decreased significantly for samples stabilized with lime. On the other hand, for the soil classified as CL class clay, a high decrease in the plasticity index value was observed for samples stabilized with natural pozzolana compared to those stabilized with lime. Also, both the cohesion and internal friction angle in lime added samples were demonstrated to increase with time. The combination of lime and natural pozzolana exhibits a significant effect on the enhancement of both the cohesion and internal friction angle at later stages. The lime-natural pozzolana combination appears to produce higher shear strength parameters than lime or natural pozzolana used alone.
doi:10.3311/ppci.9229 fatcat:5zyoo44wlrbntmllez5zafwfxu