Cross compatibility of domesticated hot pepper and cultivated sweet pepper

L.V. Costa, R. Lopes, M.T.G. Lopes, A.F. Figueiredo, W.S. Barros, S.R.M. Alves
2009 Crop Breeding and Applied Biotechnology  
This study evaluated the compatibility of crosses between C. chinense and C. annuum and the seed vigor and germination of interspecific hybrids. Twenty-one accessions of C. chinense, used as male parents, were crossed with the cultivar Cascadura Ikeda (C. annuum) as female parent in a completely randomized design (CRD), with three replications. Fruit setting was evaluated in 30 flowers per plot. Seed germination and hybrid vigor were analyzed using CRD with four replications and plots of 16
more » ... s. All interspecific crosses produced fruit, at fruit set rates between 8.9% and 40.0%. In a first count, germination ranged from 0.0% to 45.3% and in the second from 0.0% to 87.5%. The conclusion was drawn that it is possible to obtain fruit and viable seeds in interspecific crosses of C. chinense with C. annuum.
doi:10.12702/1984-7033.v09n01a06 fatcat:t6epervvs5fhvjz7qaohwppqjy