The USSR Voluntary Jurisdiction Bodies (1961 to 1991): Legal Issues in the Judicial Authority Mechanism
Органы внесудебной юрисдикции СССР (1961–1991 гг.): вопросы правовой природы в механизме судебной власти

Yuriy N. Tuganov, Chief Research Scientist of the Russian State University of Justice Professor of the Russian Customs Academy Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation LL.D., Professor, Vladimir K. Aulov, Assistant Professor of the Department of Administrative and Financial Law of the Russian Customs Academy PhD (Law), Associate Professor
2021 Military juridical journal  
The article uses the example of public courts and friendly courts of honor to investigate non-judicial jurisdiction as a way of procedural economy and reducing the burden on the courts in resolving legal disputes and socially significant conflicts. The conclusion is made about the exclusive nature of the friendly courts of honor as a body of public jurisdiction.
doi:10.18572/2070-2108-2021-2-29-32 fatcat:3xqvig55ovesto3myo5hxflyse