D Minus 1 Production Scenario: Production Model for Produced Hospital Furniture [chapter]

Susanto Sudiro
2020 Concepts, Applications and Emerging Opportunities in Industrial Engineering [Working Title]  
Many kinds of production systems are used in medical equipment industries, one of which is through the work-in-process (WIP) buffer control system and feeding material scenarios to assure ability of the process to produce the expected throughput. The production model, known as the D minus 1 production scenario, is used to control production activities at the factory to be carried out using the day minus 1 rule. This rule is a time-based buffer production scenario in 1 day, ending at the
more » ... goods assembly station used as the zero point (D0), from each workstation, pushed for one consecutive day to the beginning of the buffer. With the success of providing WIP buffers on D-1 and D-2 days, the product is certain to be ready on time. Production activities are modeled as Heaviside step function of the various processes involved therein. Production schedule, also production simulation, can be planned through a production dashboard provided for this purpose. Customers demand transformed to an integrated production schedule throughout the production flow, followed by production dispatching and execution. The integrated production schedule includes the supply of raw components, welding, paint, and product assembly to meet on time deliveries.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.93691 fatcat:uxcb4kwu4vgcjirkr3vngsqvca