The Synchrosqueezing Algorithm Based on Generalized S-transform for High-Precision Time-Frequency Analysis

Hui Chen, Lingqi Lu, Dan Xu, Jiaxing Kang, Xuping Chen
2017 Applied Sciences  
In this paper, a new time-frequency analysis method-Synchrosqueezing Generalized S-transform (SSGST)-is proposed to meet the needs of high-resolution seismic signal processing and interpretation. The basic wavelet of the generalized S-transform (GST) in the paper is a modulated harmonic wave with four undetermined parameters that can be constructed by adjusting the four parameters to make the GST more suitable for seismic signals processing. The SSGST method squeezes and reconstructs the
more » ... coefficient spectra of GST results along the frequency direction so that the energy distributions on the time-frequency spectra are concentrated around the real instantaneous frequency of the signal; thus, the time-frequency resolution can be improved. Based on mathematical theory, the basic principle of the new transformation method is given, and the mathematical expressions of the positive transformation and lossless inverse transformation of the method are strictly deduced. The experimental results of numerical signals illustrate that the proposed method can correctly decompose signals with different spectral characteristics into a high time-frequency resolution spectrum and can recovery the original signal from the time-frequency spectrum with satisfying reconstructing accuracy. Application on field seismic data shows the superiority of the new method in seismic time-frequency analysis for hydrocarbon detection.
doi:10.3390/app7080769 fatcat:fxjtmquzrrbjlarpfuv3x23bei