Surgical therapeutics and operative technique. By E. Doyen. English translation by H. Spencer-Browne, M.B. Cantab., etc.; Elève de l'Institut Pasteur; Physicien et Chef de Clinique de l'Institut Doyen. In 3 vols., large 8vo, with about 3000 illustrations. 1917. London: Baillière, Tindall & Cox. 25s. net each volume

1918 British Journal of Surgery  
rnd submitted t o operation affords the best proof of the validity of his conclusions. It is clearly of great practical value t h a t the sequence of the symptoms should be so constant, and that the earliest should arise in the special sense organ t o which the affected nerve is distributed. Once more the importance of early diagnosis is urged, and by the pen of the writer whose work has done so much t o render i t possible. Not the least tragic of his experiences has been the late stage of the
more » ... disease which many of the patients had reached before being brought to him. Blind and bedridden as many of them were, yet the lease of life was frequently renewed at his hands for a period of from three t o seven years. What possibilities are unfolded for successful surgical treatment when cases can be submitted t o it in the earlier stages of the disease whose recognition has now become possible through his labours ! The author's methods of operation-which have done so much t o standardize t h e surgery of the cerebellar fossa-are again described in full ; his important modification of the enucleation of tlie contents of the tumour from within its capsrilc being t h e essential feature of his new work. "nliddle ear," twice repeated on p. 208, is clearly a misprint for "internal car," and on p.
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