Modified Amino Nitrogen Apparatus for Insoluble Proteins

David Doherty, Clyde Ogg
1943 Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Analytical Edition  
A N A L Y T I C A L E D I T I O N 75 1 gas into which they are projected. Langmuir suggested to the authors that if the mercury vapor stream were deflected and condensed a t a definite point below the jet and inside the condenser, any observed volume change should be diminished. They are indebted to him for the suggestion of sealing an additional water-cooled tube into the condenser to accomplish this purpose, as shown by the heavy butlined portion of Figure 1 . This modi-11, the lower
more » ... the lower distillation rate, corresponding to 240 watts. Curve I11 is for a similar system employing the modified diffusion pump. Determined volumes of the system are better reproducible and the maximum deviation of the mean volume as the pressure is lowered to 0.01 mm. of mercury is less than 10 ml. Of further importance is the fact that the data a t three distillation rates practically coincide. fication definitely improved the reproducibility of calculated volumes a t various pressures without impairing the pumping performance. Furthermore, the measured volume was now insensitive to mercury distillation rates. I and I1 represent differences in calculated volumes as a function of gas pressure employing the conventional design of pump. Curve I is for the higher mercury distillation rate corresponding to 323 watts supplied to the electric resistance heater; and curve (1)
doi:10.1021/i560124a017 fatcat:jtjnqk5hdfh3dbr2qtdxqy4ste