Editorial—MTAP special issue on mobile media delivery

Christian Timmerer, Maria Martini, Jyrki Huusko
2011 Multimedia tools and applications  
The recent advances in wireless multimedia communications, including the provision of higher bit rates and more efficient compression methodologies, are enabling new services and applications and provide the technical means for multimedia communication systems becoming more portable, reliable, and ubiquitous. However, the delivery of multimedia content to every mobile handset on every mobile network, anytime and anywhere is still a major challenge. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of mobile
more » ... edia delivery, several research projects from the mobile and wireless area, from the networked media area, as well as from the content technologies area, not neglecting security and experimental facilities, are dealing with mobile media delivery. The papers in the special issue were carefully selected among the submitted papers to illustrate the different aspects and different protocol levels of the mobile multimedia delivery. Our primary goal for this issue was to provide a holistic overview of multimedia delivery, taking into consideration the solutions from video coding, network and mobility management and radio techniques up to the evaluation of user experience. For this mobile media delivery special issue, the authors were invited to submit contributions dealing with topics on mobile media delivery, including architectures for mobile media delivery, mobile media delivery (over next generation systems), peer-to-peer networks for mobile media delivery, solutions for optimized media delivery and transport over heterogeneous networks, quality of service/experience issues and solutions, including video quality assessment methods, network convergence for media delivery, media adaptation to networks and devices, cross-layer communication for mobile media delivery. At the source encoding side, works on (scalable) source coding for mobile media, joint optimisation of source and channel coding were invited. Parts of the articles were invited Multimed Tools Appl (2011) 55:179-183
doi:10.1007/s11042-011-0754-9 fatcat:j3pjosx2ujdozffumiro55rv74