Thermodynamic Analysis and Comparison of Two Small-Scale Solar Electrical Power Generation Systems

Junfen Li, Hang Guo, Qingpeng Meng, Yuting Wu, Fang Ye, Chongfang Ma
2020 Sustainability  
In this study, two schemes of solar electrical power generation are designed and compared according to solar collection area minimization. The one comprises the parabolic trough collector, dual-tank of molten salt heat storage, and Organic Rankine cycle. The other consists of photovoltaic cell, polymer electrolyte membrane water electrolyzer, and polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell. The effects of irradiation value, environmental temperature, and energy storage type on thermodynamic
more » ... rmodynamic performance were investigated. The results indicated that the solar irradiation value had a more obvious effect on the PV (photovoltaic) cell performance than environmental temperature, and the PTC (parabolic trough concentrator) performance was improved with the increases of solar irradiation value and environmental temperature. The environmental temperature effect was negligible; however, the influence of irradiation value was obvious. Irradiation value had a positive effect on the former system, whereas it demonstrated the opposite for the latter. The latter system had much lower efficiency than the former, due to the low conversion efficiency between hydrogen energy and electrical energy in the polymer electrolyte membrane water electrolyzer and fuel cell. Stated thus, the latter system is appropriate for the power generation system with non-energy storage, and the former system is promising in the power generation system with energy storage.
doi:10.3390/su122410268 fatcat:vrlxfswtabhklc7pju5q5lw5xi