Novel approach reveals localisation and assembly pathway of the PsbS and PsbW proteins into the photosystem II dimer

Ellinor Thidholm, Viktoria Lindström, Christophe Tissier, Colin Robinson, Wolfgang P. Schröder, Christiane Funk
2002 FEBS Letters  
A blue-native gel electrophoresis system was combined with an in organello import assay to specifically analyse the location and assembly of two nuclear-encoded photosystem II (PSII) subunits. With this method we were able to show that initially the low molecular mass PsbW protein is not associated with the monomeric form of PSII. Instead a proportion of newly imported PsbW is directly assembled in dimeric PSII supercomplexes with very fast kinetics; its negatively charged Nterminal domain is
more » ... sential for this process. The chlorophyllbinding PsbS protein, which is involved in energy dissipation, is first detected in the monomeric PSII subcomplexes, and only at later time points in the dimeric form of PSII. It seems to be bound tighter to the PSII core complex than to light harvesting complex II. These data point to radically different assembly pathways for different PSII subunits. ß
doi:10.1016/s0014-5793(02)02314-1 pmid:11904154 fatcat:zr5jm5f4krdclbcbedgwogb6hq