Measuring Sustainable Performance among Logistic Service Providers in Supply Chains

2019 Tehnički Vjesnik  
To enable an objective measurement of the progress in the operation of third-party logistics service providers in supply chains, we developed a model that shows the sustainability of the outsourced elements of a company's business. The Third-Party Logistics Green Innovative Framework (3PL GIF) is based on selected environmental, economic, and social indicators showing the objectively comparable state and progress in sustainable development between different companies in goods distribution. The
more » ... distribution. The model incorporates the application of quality measurement standards and a PDCA cycle system of continuous improvement into indicators. Using this model, we surveyed the success of sustainable operations between different Slovenian logistics companies according to their size, fields of operation, and positions in the supply chain. The study found that the model provides comparisons of sustainable operation for supply chain operators, logistics companies, and the entire interested public. It also enables supply chain management companies to measure, improve, and report on its performance in a sustainable field, as well as to move toward goals determined by the company with its cycle of permanent improvement. This makes it possible to objectively compare progress in sustainable development between companies.
doi:10.17559/tv-20180607112607 fatcat:xmzecf235bd2bnfeljk7j6bmvu