Teachers' Perception On The Factors Influencing College Dropouts Among The Rural Learners In Puducherry Region

S Irissappan, E Ramganesh, Head
2016 unpublished
Kothari commission (1964-66) says "the destiny of India is being shaped in her class room", for teachers play a crucial role to mould the students. Due to the low enrolment and high dropout, the quality and the future development become a serious problem confronting the country"s education system. However, the teacher believes they can make difference, change is possible and it is essential to develop an accurate understanding of the factors that influences the dropout of rural students at
more » ... al students at college level. Christenson & Thurlow (2004) and Dweck (1986) reveal that student dropout is an outcome derived from multiple factors that encompass student, institutional and socioeconomic aspects. Dweck (1986) also found that students perceive dropout as largely an outcome of student-related characteristics, institutional, family and socioeconomic status. This attempts to focus the teachers" perception on the personal, family, educational, institutional, financial, social and environmental factors that influence the college dropouts from rural areas. By adopting survey design, this study was conducted with the sample of 278 college teachers in Puducherry region. "College Dropouts Identification Scale" (CDIS) developed by the investigator and validated by the experts was used for data collection. Descriptive and Differential statistics were used for the analysis of the data. Findings reveal that the college teachers are prepared to perceive the factors influencing college dropouts from rural areas in Puducherry region.