Déformation du Profil des Raies liées aux Ondes Sonores dans le Cas Solaire

P. Mein
1966 Transactions of the International Astronomical Union  
DISCUSSION P. A. Sturrock. (answering a question by E. A. Spiegel). Radiative losses should be taken into account, and the n, T relationship should then ensure that the energy input from acoustic waves is just sufficient to balance radiative loss. Since the energy loss from acoustic waves is very sensitive to M, this should not effect the n-T profile greatly. C. de Jager. If Shockwave dissipation is only important for M > 1, how should one then explain that the temperature in the upper
more » ... re (for T 0 < o-i) deviates already considerably from the value computed for radiative equilibrium, whereas at these levels M < 0-5? P. A. Sturrock. This model was developed for application to the middle and upper chromosphere. The low chromosphere is apparently heated by a different energy flux-possibly by acoustic waves of frequency less than the critical frequency, which are evanescent.
doi:10.1017/s0251107x00019611 fatcat:jvevd7tb3zhetp6ratlaomxtsy