Molecular characterization of the melanocyte lineage-specific antigen gp100

G.J. Adema, A.J. de Boer, A.M. Vogel, W.A. Loenen, C.G. Figdor
1994 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
The glycop rotein s recogn ized b y m on oclon al antibody (mAb) NKI-beteb are am ong th e b est d iagn ostic m arkers for hum an m elanom a b ecause th eir exp ression is re stricted to m elan ocytic cells. R ecently, w e iso la ted a cDNA clone, term ed gplOO-cl, w h ich confers im m unorea ctiv ity n o t only to mAb NKI-beteb, b u t also to tw o oth er mAbs u sed to d iagn ose m alignant m elanom a, HMB-50 and HMB-45. In th is report, w e dem onstrate th at gplOO-cl cDNA en cod es
more » ... ns o f 100 kD a (gplOO) and 10 kD a (gplO) w h ich are recogn ized by th ese mAbs in hum an m elanom a cells. The tran slation p rod u ct d e du ced from the open read in g fram e p resen t in gplOO-cl cDNA is highly hom ologous to an oth er m elanocyte-specific p rotein , P m ell7 . N u cleotid e seq u en ce an alysis o f genom ic DNA in d ica tes th at th e tran scripts corresp on d in g to gplOO and P m e ll7 cDNAs origin ate from a sin g le gen e v ia altern ative sp licin g. In all norm al and m alig n an t m elan ocytic cells analyzed, gplOO and P m e ll7 RNAs are sim u ltan eou sly expressed.
doi:10.1016/s0021-9258(17)32136-1 fatcat:qjl3fgewdzdhlhms2vfpx7njhq