Machine-assisted cultivation and analysis of biofilms [article]

Silla H. Hansen, Tobias Kabbeck, Carsten P. Radtke, Susanne Krause, Eva Krolitzki, Theo Peschke, Jannis Gasmi, Kersten S. Rabe, Michael Wagner, Harald Horn, Juergen Hubbuch, Johannes Gescher (+1 others)
2017 bioRxiv   pre-print
Biofilms are the natural form of life of the majority of microorganisms. These multispecies consortia are intensively studied not only for their effects on health and environment but also because they have an enormous potential as tools for biotechnological processes. Further exploration and exploitation of these complex systems will benefit from technical solutions that enable integrated, machine-assisted cultivation and analysis. We here introduce a microfluidic platform, where readily
more » ... le microfluidic chips are connected by automated liquid handling with analysis instrumentation, such as fluorescence detection, microscopy, chromatography and optical coherence tomography. The system is operable under oxic and anoxic conditions, allowing for different gases as feeding sources and offers high spatio-temporal resolution in the analysis of metabolites and biofilm composition. We demonstrate the platforms performance by monitoring the self-organized separation of mixed cultures along autonomously created gradients, the productivity of biofilms along the microfluidic channel and the enrichment of microbial nanoorganisms.
doi:10.1101/210583 fatcat:tiwpaxjmnfbjvadk7nc7pjlogq