Drawing Subcubic 1-Planar Graphs with Few Bends, Few Slopes, and Large Angles [article]

Philipp Kindermann, Fabrizio Montecchiani, Lena Schlipf, André Schulz
2018 arXiv   pre-print
We show that the 1-planar slope number of 3-connected cubic 1-planar graphs is at most 4 when edges are drawn as polygonal curves with at most 1 bend each. This bound is obtained by drawings whose vertex and crossing resolution is at least π/4. On the other hand, if the embedding is fixed, then there is a 3-connected cubic 1-planar graph that needs 3 slopes when drawn with at most 1 bend per edge. We also show that 2 slopes always suffice for 1-planar drawings of subcubic 1-planar graphs with
more » ... most 2 bends per edge. This bound is obtained with vertex resolution π/2 and the drawing is RAC (crossing resolution π/2). Finally, we prove lower bounds for the slope number of straight-line 1-planar drawings in terms of number of vertices and maximum degree.
arXiv:1808.08496v1 fatcat:daio6jnv4fbw7avyy3olgt2g7e