El-nino and It`s Varied Impacts: A Review [chapter]

Tarikul Islam Golder
2022 Modern Approaches in Chemical and Biological Sciences  
El-Nino is a periodic flow of warm Pacific equatorial waters southward, usually around Christmas time. El-Nino is linked to the Southern Oscillation and it affects the atmosphere, disrupting weather condition of the world. Its disastrous effects have resulted in drought in Australia and Papua New Guinea, a delayed monsoon in South-East Asia leading to massive forest fires choking smog, storms on the Pacific coast of South and Central America, drought in Southern Africa, and threat of flood in
more » ... ru and California. Its increasing sensitivity and frequency through the 1980s and 1990s, suggests that El-Nino is affected by an increase of heat trapping greenhouse gases in the upper atmosphere. Global Warming could make the El-Nino a permanent feature of world's weather system. El-Nino and Southern Oscillation largely affect developing countries that are largely depending upon fishery and agriculture for employment, foreign exchange, and food supply. Global warming increases severity and frequency of El-Nino which has great socio-economic impact on these countries.
doi:10.31674/book.2022macbs.013 fatcat:22sxpf7s5zbilk7tk5nmobsqaa