Simulation system for learning of social rules using gazebo and openai gym

2020 Anais do III Brazilian Humanoid Robot Workshop (BRAHUR) and the IV Brazilian Workshop on Service Robotics (BRASERO)   unpublished
With the increasing development of service robotics and the increasing appearance of social robots, showing respect for social norms becomes crucial in the integration of these robots in environments with human beings. In recent years, research related to social norms in robotics has moved from model-based approaches to learning-based approaches. Such approaches require the realization of several experiments that are often done in a robot and a real environment. This work proposes the
more » ... poses the development of a simulation system for social robots based on ROS, Gazebo and OpenAI with the implementation of Proxemics and Social Force Model. With this system, it will be possible to accelerate the learning of social rules among other capabilities, as well as to enable research in this area to be carried out even without having a physical robot.
doi:10.29327/118637.1-12 fatcat:m3jqzglgu5fq5bbqy67mx33yzu