Using Two Meaningful Shadows to Share Secret Messages with Reversibility

Lin Li, Chia-Chen Lin, Chin-Chen Chang
2019 Symmetry  
A subtopic of visual secret sharing (VSS) is information hiding-based VSS (IH-VSS), which embeds secret messages into images using an information hiding technique. In the IH-VSS scheme, stego-images are divided into shadows under the guidance and constraint of some predetermined approaches. In order to achieve the purpose of security and reliability, the hidden information cannot be recovered unless a certain amount or all of the credible shadows work together. In this paper, we propose a (2,
more » ... we propose a (2, 2) IH-VSS scheme with reversibility and friendliness. In the shadow generation phase, two meaningful shadow images are produced and then distributed. In the extraction and restoration phase, the hidden secret information and cover image, respectively, can be reconstructed credibly and correctly. No complex computation of shadow generation is involved, but high security is achieved. Moreover, a satisfying peak-signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR) is obtained with the high embedding capacity of 1.59 bpp in a very simple and effective way.
doi:10.3390/sym11010079 fatcat:ux4esej5xna7bflkfzph3gqmze