Analysis of Diurnal Evolution of Cloud Properties and Convection Tracking over the South China Coastal Area

Xinyue Wang, Hironobu Iwabuchi, Jean-Baptiste Courbot
2022 Remote Sensing  
Different diurnal rainfall cycles occur over the offshore and inland regions of the South China coastal area (SCCA). Inspired by these findings, in this study, we investigated the diurnal evolution features of cloud systems and cloud properties inside such systems for both the SCCA offshore and inland regions, using cloud data retrieved from a recently developed deep neural network model. Rainy day data for June 2017 revealed that the ice cloud optical thickness and top height reached their
more » ... intensities at noon (~12 local standard time (LST)) over the offshore region, approximately 2 h later than the rainfall peak. Over the inland region, cloud and rainfall peaks simultaneously appeared from ~18 to 20 LST. When further examining the cloud-amount variation of different ice-cloud types, we found a clear diurnal oscillation in the medium-thick cloud amount over the offshore region, while for the inland region, this cloud type had no obvious diurnal peak, showing a low cloud amount throughout the day. This phenomenon suggests different inner structures and intensities between offshore and inland convections. To better elucidate the convection features over different regions, a tracking algorithm was applied to obtain various parameters, such as size, number, and duration of mesoscale convective systems. The strongest convections, which lasted over 12 h, tended to be abundant over the offshore region from ~03 to 12 LST, and an inland to offshore migration at ~03 LST was facilitated by the beneficial meteorological conditions observed at 113–116˚E, 20.5–22.5˚N.
doi:10.3390/rs14195039 fatcat:k46acnasr5hcrfaeyjvtsfv5xy