Enhancing the surface properties of linen by non-thermal atmospheric air-plasma treatment

Orsolya Erzsébet Szabó, Emília Csiszár, András Tóth
2014 Open Chemistry  
AbstractIn this research, a diffuse coplanar surface barrier discharge (DCSBD) type plasma reactor was used for the surface modification of raw linen fabric. Changes in physical properties and chemical composition of the fiber surface as well as color of the fabric were measured as a function of time of the atmospheric air plasma treatment. Furthermore, ageing of the effects created on the fiber surface by plasma treatment was also characterized in a period of 0-14 days elapsed after the plasma
more » ... treatment. Significant differences were found between the properties of the raw and plasma treated linen fabrics, including increase of wettability, wickability, surface energy and O/C ratio, and decrease of water contact angle and deterioration of the waxy outer layer of the fibers. Most of the parameters depended on the time of plasma treatment (0–180 s). O/C ratio increased steadily with the increase of duration of the plasma treatment, which was explained by destruction of the waxy surface layer, creation of polar groups and exposure of cellulosic components. Most of the properties tested were found to be stable during two weeks of storage after the plasma treatment, indicating that the surface 'topography' created by plasma remained almost unaltered and the recovery of the etched waxy coverage of the fiber did not occur.
doi:10.1515/chem-2015-0068 fatcat:nt5frnhw3jcdbemwpukomgnaye