Katabatic Snow Storms in Stable Atmospheric Conditions at Mizuho Station, Antarctica

Shun'Ichi Kobayashi, Nobuyoshi Ishikawa, Tetsuo Ohata
1985 Annals of Glaciology  
This paper describes the results of snow drift measurements made on a strong katabatic wind slope at Mizuho Station (70°42.6'S, 44°18.9'E; 2230 m above mean sea level) in East Antarctica. From the vertical profile of the mass flux of blowing snow up to 28 m above the snow surface under conditions of snow fall, the snow fall densitities have been estimated as asymptotes of the profile (Fohn 1980). Snow fall densities as asymptotes were estimated between 8x10-6and 8xl0-5kg/m3. Assuming a fall
more » ... city of blowing snow particles as 0.5 m/s, above values correspond to values of the vertical flux of snow fall between 2x10-3and 1.5xl0-1mm/h.
doi:10.1017/s0260305500010429 fatcat:bilzgufqwrdqfklcvrvtmeb5dm