Frequency of Tumor Lysis Syndrome in Acute Leukemia

Shafaq Samad, Jahanzeb Khaliq, Mehwish Taj, Tahir Sultan Shamsi
2019 National Journal of Health Sciences  
Acute leukemia is characterized by the presence of 20% or more blasts in peripheral blood and/or bone marrow biopsy. It includes both AML & Acute ALL. However the diagnosis of AML can also be made when the blast percentage in peripheral blood or bone marrow is < 20 % if there is an associated t (8;21), inv ( 16 ), or t (16;16) chromosomal abnormality or PML-RAR fusion gene [1] [2] [3] . Tumor lysis syndrome is the most common disease related emergency in patients with leukemia & requires immediate management.
doi:10.21089/njhs.42.0067 fatcat:5ev2jfwonnaczjrji6a7v5qnoy